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“Great things never come from comfort zones”

Ben Francis

“After taking the daunting first step into searching for a life coach, I found Kerry who I felt was very much on my wavelength of life. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional about her work and with life as a whole. It’s very clear Kerry cares passionately about her clients growth and development and truly wants to bring the best out of them. From my first to every ongoing session with her, I feel I am gaining so much more and growing both inwardly and outwardly all round. As Kerry said from our first communication, life coaching is an investment in yourself and that is spot on. If anyone is looking for a life coach who wants to see you succeed as much as you do, I’d 100% recommend Kerry. She is amazing at what she does and really helps you find the core of who you are. Thank you for so much all your help and continued support Kerry.” 

Bradley, Gainsborough

I recently contacted Kerry for some Mother Daughter Coaching. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew that I wanted to understand the relationship between my mum and me, and the reason I was so attached to her.

All I can say is the whole process has been transformational for me. I’ve definitely been on a journey, that has not only helped me understand my mum’s relationship with her own mother, but it’s also helped me understand the reasons why she has parented the way she has, and also where I have become the ‘line of change’, parenting in a completely different style to my mum. It’s also helped me view my mum through softer eyes, and be far less judgmental. I highly recommend Kerry as a Mother-Daughter Coach.

Yvonne, East Lincolnshire.

I recently had an amazing 1:1 coaching session with Kerry. Her warm, caring nature helped me to feel relaxed and at ease from the very beginning of the session. Kerry helped to me to dig deep and find the solutions I’d been searching for. I found the experience incredibly empowering. It’s like the answers were there all the time, within me, I just needed someone to help me unearth them. Kerry was that person for me!

Rachel, south shields

Kerry is an amazing coach! She guided me through a few aspects in my life which were affecting my confidence and helped me to find a way forward. She was really easy to chat and open up to. I would thoroughly recommend Kerry, it has been nice having her alongside me on this journey.

jo, lincolnshire

I can honestly say the hours I’ve spent with Kerry have been some of the most impactful of my life. Kerry has opened my mind to many new concepts, has given me more of an insight as to who I am, and has most importantly shown me that traits I saw previously as ‘weak’ are actually my superpowers. I will always be grateful for this essential part of my personal growth journey, a part I never knew I needed.

Megan, lincoln

I couldn’t recommend anyone better to go to for life coaching! I learn so much about myself, how I see the world, who I am and what I stand for, and Kerry helped me work through things in such a kind, positive way. Every session, whether it was laughs or tears, I left feeling positive, like I knew myself a little bit more. I would highly recommend life coaching sessions with Kerry to anyone who is ready to come face to face with themselves and strengthen your own relationship with yourself!

louise, lincoln

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