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What would you like your legacy to be?

Mother-Daughter Coaching helps mothers and daughters create stronger, more emotionally bonded relationships by teaching them exercises and tools that enchance their understanding of each other, and the ability to listen and be heard.

If your mother-daughter relationship leaves you feeling:

  • Unappreciated and frustrated.
  • Like you are never quite good enough.
  • Unable to say what you really think and feel.
  • Misunderstood.
  • Too much conflict happening to have a loving and supportive relationship.
  • Arguing and fighting over who gets heard and seen.
  • Like you cannot express your needs for fear of being judged or worse.

Then Mother-Daughter Coaching will be for you.

I am a Mother-Daughter Coach, trained by Mother-Daughter Coaching International in 2022. Currently, there are around 50 certified coaches world wide, who are trained in this ground- breaking and specialised training by Rosjke Hasseldine.

Rosjke is a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and founder of the Mother-Daughter Attachment Model and history mapping. She’s an internationally recognized expert on the Mother-Daughter relationship, has been on TV, writes blogs for Huffington Post and has been feautured on various platforms such as The Times, BBC Radio and Psychologies Magazine. It has been an honour and a privilege to be trained by her.

“If you’ve ever wanted to understand yourself better and enchance all of your important relationships then look no further than the Mother-Daughter puzzle. Rosjke illustrates beautifully the signifance of how relationships between mothers and daughters impact how we live, how we feel, and the world we live in…..Stunning”

  • Serena Simmons. Chartered Psychologist, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University.
  • Taken from the book The Mother-Daughter Puzzle by Rosjke Hasseldine.

Society ‘tells’ us that we should all have an ideal mother-daughter relationship. One that is supported, nurtured, close and loving, yet sadly this isn’t always the case. Through Mother-Daughter Coaching you will begin to:

  • Understand the root causes of your conflict.
  • Learn to see themes of emotional disempowerment and attachment disruption.
  • Set boundaries, and see each other through softer eyes.
  • Learn to feel seen and heard in this, and your other relationships.
  • Understand the role that culture, race, and economic background has to play.
  • Understand the role of family history, and begin to faciliate generational change.
  • Have the confidence to voice what you think and feel as a woman.

Mother-Daughter Coaching provides a safe healing space, where both a mother and a daughter can feel seen and heard. Ideally this coaching works best if both the mother and the daughter are present, but I can also work on an individual basis.

As a daughter, a mother to two daughters, and the youngest of 4 daughters, I welcome you on this journey to gain clarity and understanding in your mother-daughter relationship.

There is nothing as powerful as leaving behind a great legacy for the generations that follow.

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